Uuuuhhhhhgggg. I’m tired.

es this chemo makes me tired…but I DO have more energy.  I admittedly am doing far more than I was before, thus am probably more tired.  Now that I have solved the mystery of my fatigue….!!!!

I was scheduled to get chemo this past Friday, but my WBC count was down, AGAIN.  This seems to be a recurring issue for me.  Luckily, there is a way to combat the symptom.  I received a shot on Friday, and now my counts are acceptable.  I will have chemo tomorrow.  Yea for me.

If I am calculating accurately, I should continue this 3 week regimen through the end of July.  Then I will be scheduled for another scan.  I think I should like the PET scan this time.  I believe it will help me feel more confident about the results.  Not that I am doubting the result of the CT scan….ned :) .  I just feel that the PET scan may reveal more?

Anyway…all is well.  Thanks again for all of your letters, calls, and prayers.  I am so grateful to be feeling well for the summer.  I am able to do so much more with my husband and children, and it feels great.  I am truly living!  Thanks to God, and all of you.

Much love,