Today was a tough one to swallow.  Dr. Numnum informed us that we are now to the point of having to making a decision.  One that we had hoped we would not have to make.  Basically, Peri is not improving.  If we continue to do what we are doing, the outcome will be painful and over on a few weeks.  So we need to weigh the options of surgery.  We met with the surgeon and Dr Numnum this afternoon.  They will start surgery around 8am tomorrow morning.  The intent is to try to bypass the blockage to get Peri to a place of being able to eat and be more comfortable.  There are several risks and variables with this type surgery.  They range from not being able to do anything, to having a successful bypass and therefore relief.  As always, there are a list of possible complications that I will choose to stay away from at the moment. Peri has said that she is not done fighting and wants to have the surgery as soon as possible.  We have faith in both of these Dr.’s that this will be a success.  Recovery should be 1-2 weeks.  Depends on what all has to be done.  I will keep everyone posted tomorrow once we have information.  She may be in ICU following the surgery.  either way, visitors will be limited.  As always, please pray for Peri.  I had hoped that this could be avoided….


This will be brief.  Today has not been good.  Nausea is back.  Abdomen is continuing to swell.  Pain is still persistent.  If anything was good about today it’s that the pain has not been as bad, just persistent.  Although, it does seem to be increasing a bit.  She has been put back on a clear liquid diet and all meds are via IV now, non orally.  The NG tube is being put back in as I type this.  She is getting meds for both the pain and nausea now as well.  That should knock her out for a few hours, hopefully.  Not too much more to say for now.  Lets see how tomorrow goes….


Peri did get the NG tube removed yesterday morning.  She had a really good day.   Lots of visitors and pretty good pain control.  When I came in this morning, she reported to me that she did not have a very good night.  She did not sleep well and her mental state took a bit of a dive.  Depression seems to be the main culprit.

Today, Dr. Numnum did start the orders for her to start her next round of chemo.  We still do not have the movement wanted, but we all agree that chemo is needed.  At least surgery is off the table for now!  There is enough activity that he feels its time to start back with the treatment plan.  The acitesis continuing to build in her abdomen.  Hopefully the chemo will start to fight this.  Her pain has increased today, in comparison to the last couple of days.  It is not as manageable with the pain meds as normal.  This is not helping with the mental state either.  It’s a bit upsetting after she had the 2 “good days”.  She is finally sleeping at the moment.  We will do chemo later and see what the rest of today and the weekend have in store for her.  I guess it’s the old 2 steps forward 1 step back kind of thing.  The Dr and nurses are fantastic.  They are doing their best to keep her comfortable.  I know she is where she needs to be.   I just want to take the pain away and I can’t.  This saddens me so…..


First of all it is our little George’s 6th birthday!!!  He has had a good day.  I got to eat lunch with him at school.  He also had dough-nuts with his classmates this afternoon!  Very exciting for first graders.  Peri spoke with him on the phone first thing this morning.  It lifted both of their spirits to start the day off that way.

Peri has had a good day.  They clamped off her NG tube so that she could start to take in liquids.  The intent is to introduce her to clear liquids and see if she can handle them.  So far so good!  She had chicken broth for lunch along with apple juice and coffee.  She has been able to keep it down!  She also had more broth and juice this evening with the same results.  If she can continue to handle this, she will hopefully get to loose the tube in the next day or two.?.  She has been able to take a couple of strolls down the hallways.  Peri’s mom,”Cousin Tina”, and Heidi, (our neighbor the angel), have taken her on these walks.  Peri also had some major motivation Monday and Tuesday from Carla Meisterman, Balmoral Pres. Pastor.  Carla drove from Memphis bringing the Balmoral Power with her!  That place is incredible!!!  Thanks to you Carla, and all of our Balmoral Family!  Peri also went outside for a few minutes with her nurse today.  This was a wheelchair ride but she got to breathe some fresh air for a minute or two.  Although we have not had the intestinal movement that she needs to have, this was a pretty darn good day!  It appears that we will continue in this mode as long as it takes for the “movement” to happen.  There is no timetable for this.  Just keep doing what we are doing.  Hopefully avoiding surgery.  Unfortunately, chemo is on hold during this process.  This means that we need things to move sooner than later!

We also had a visit from Tom, a Fellowship Bible Church Minister.  This was a good spiritual moment.  He commented to me that he was amazed by Peri’s “Gratefulness” while going what she is going through.  When he prayed he said, (not verbatim), “…shame on those of us for not being grateful while we are not in a time of need…”  This really hit home with me.  I know I am guilty.  Peri continues to amaze those around her, even when she is in such a time of need.  Typical, isn’t it?!?!  I will continue to keep you all posted as we continue on this journey….  Please keep praying!


Changing of the guard.

Hello all this is Gordon,

I am going to do my best to fill the role as facilitator of this site.  Peri has passed the torch to me to keep all of you updated on her current condition.

First of all, let me say a heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every one of you for your unbelievable outpouring of love and generosity to Peri, myself and our children.  It is a true testament to Peri and to what kind of person she is.  I told Jack. a couple of years ago, to pay close attention to how people are treating his mom while she is sick.  I told him that this is proof that being kind to others will only prove positive back on you in the long run.  Peri has done more for others than anyone I have ever known.  The love and support she has received, and is still receiving, confirms the statement that I made to Jack.  I thank you all again for your love of Peri.

Now for the update.  Since her last post, we have had another setback. Saturday the 21st she became quite ill and was in extreme pain.  I took her to the ER and they got her comfortable via IV pain meds and nausea meds.  She was unable to take these orally and keep down at home.  They admitted her to the hospital.  She had a CT scan at 4AM Sunday the 22nd.  The scan showed that her cancer has spread into her intestines and is causing blockage.  Obviously, this is not good!     They are now trying to get things to clear so that we do not have to try surgery.  Surgery is our last option that we want to take.  That being said, Peri is being kept as comfortable as possible, and we are playing the waiting game now.  Everything is on hold till we see what happens with this.

Hopefully, Peri will be proud of my choice of words with all of this.  She has told me that  I tend to use words that are not appropriate for all to hear.  You can only imagine where one can go in a conversation about this particular subject.  I have put my filter on!

Anyway, I will try my best to keep all of you informed moving forward from here.  I am not as good at this, as well as many other things, as Peri is.  Please bare with me as I try.  The main thing I can ask of you is to keep praying for my sweet, sweet Peri.  She is my Wonder Woman….

Home is nice.

It is great to be home. Saralene came up this week and has taken the bull by the horns. I have passed the home manager baton, and she has grabbed it running. We are so lucky to have a loving “grandma” who can come in and whip things into shape. It allows me to be with the children for little snippets of time based on how I am feeling, but not be responsible for anything really. Aunt Donna came over today and Taylor drove in for a visit. The children are enjoying the “surprise” visitors, and I am in want of nothing.

Pain is still being managed well and fluid is present but stable. I appreciate all of your prayers and guest entries. It is as if I hear your voice as I read the words you’ve written. I will go for chemo #2 next Wednesday. Otherwise, all is going pretty well.

Talk to you soon. Xoxo Peri

Getting things in motion.

I was able to secure an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday. He too was concerned with the size of my belly and the fact that the fluid had returned so quickly.  He had my report back and was able to name which chemo would be best to fight my specific type of cancer cell. We also discussed alternative treatment options versus conventional medicine. Gordon, myself and the doc decided we needed to move quickly and aggressively to remove the fluid and keep it at bay (which meant attacking the cancer cells now!). I was admitted to the hospital. and was scheduled for an immediate paracentesis. This time they drew 3 liters of fluid. They put me on pain meds and got me comfortable. Today, Wednesday, I have started my first round of chemo. I will probably go home tomorrow, and will receive treatment 1x/week for three weeks as an outpatient. Then we will evaluate whether the chemo is working “basically is it reducing the fluid build up in my abdomen?” I said I wanted to continue to explore alternative options. My Doctor, based on my history and multiple recurrance of my cancer, is open to considering all and every possibility.  I am glad that we are just doing something! I am glad that the fluid is reduced and that my pain is being managed. I will be glad to get back home and be less “sick” in the company of my loving family (and dogs). And in reading back over this, I sound like a reporting robot. I am on a lot of meds :/….so will close for now. Love to all. Peri

Good Attitude, Schmood Attitude

I am spittin’ mad is all I can say.  I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I guess I heard incorrectly (which I usually do) that the “plan” would be revealed in two weeks.  Following my biopsy, two weeks later, it was confirmed that yes…this is the same cancer I have had that has returned to the same location.  I do not mean to sound callous because indeed this is helpful information.  No assumptions made in fighting this thing.  Dr. Num Num wants to be very specific in what he is dealing with.  THEN, the results were sent for a sensitivity test to determine which chemo(s) would best fight my specific type of cancer….about another two week wait.  While “waiting” my stomach started to swell.  Gordon reminded me that due to the location of my cancer…fluid retention often occurs….and so it goes.  Gordon had to go out of town for work, and I held on.  The day after he got back, he accompanied me for a paracentesis procedure (to drain the fluid from my abdomen).  They were able to draw 5 liters.  EEeewww.  I was so excited to have the procedure because it was getting pretty painful and it was difficult to take a deep breath.  I felt immediate relief, but then later that day, had pain and cramping as my abdomen attempted to put itself back together minus all of the fluid and pressure. That was just yesterday. Now one day later, my abdomen is filling up again. OOoooohhhh, I am so mad.  I hate this cancer.  I had this lofty thinking that I would go in there and get the fluid removed, and I could start doing sit ups to get my stomach back to normal size!  I have felt self conscious looking six months pregnant, definitely minus the bliss of expecting a sweet baby.  When I was pregnant, I didn’t mind so much not being able to bend over, see my feet, put on my shoes, etc….because the “pay off” was pure blessing.  This sitch…not so much.

My sensitivity report is finally in by the way.  I spoke to the nurse yesterday, and I am scheduled to see the doctor next Friday the 20th.  (This is the earliest he has because he is booked with surgery).  Believe you me, I am going to be in there Monday morning to see the nurse and request something sooner.  I do NOT want to undergo another belly draining procedure thank you very much.

Now then, I feel better.  Even though I do get mad at times, I just can’t stay mad.  Why?  Because I just can’t get over how good I have it.  My blessings are so numerous I cannot even name them all.  I have such a wonderful incredible life, and despite this set back, I love the rest of my life so much.  Each morning I thank God for all that He has and is giving to me.  I ask for His help, to first….never forget these blessings, and two….to be healed.  It is so simple.  Thank you  God and please help me….and it works.  Crazy.  This is the true miracle in my life.

I will let you know something next week as soon as I know something.  I have also been exploring some alternative treatment opportunities that may benefit me as well.  It is great to have options.

Thank you thank you to those of you who have called, written, and/or posted on this site.  Your words and prayers continue to lift my spirits.

Love you all bunches.