Checking In

ClaytonI have been meaning to check in sooner.  Having Clayton home for the week was a busy time.

George and EK (and Donna & Gordon) had a blast in Disney World!…a whirlwind of an adventure.  It was perfectly awesome, and all were glad to be home.

Clayton’s and my week included the overnight to Village Creek, riding the trolley, riding the carousel, having a play date with a school friend, getting a hair cut in a “salon!”, and going to Nacome church family camp.  I have included pictures.  (Sorry, no pictures yet from the Disney trip).

As for me, I am tired!!!  These weeks following chemo were very busy.  All three children took a turn getting sick, fall breaks, travel, etc.  Gratefully I have not been sick.  Go figure.  Yet in these busy times, sweet angels swept in to my rescue….bringing meals, sending cards, phoning me to lift my spirits, getting me out a bit.  Saralene even kept George for Nacome weekend.  Yes, having packed everything but the kitchen sink, I picked up the children ready to leave and George had a 103 temp – the second time he has been sick this month :( .  Gordon was out of town, and would be meeting us there.  George had to miss camp, but Grandy doted on him making it a “special” weekend.

My next chemo is scheduled for November 2 – so far, so good.

The best news is that we had a house showing today!  It has been weeks, and I was starting to become disheartened.

I ask for your prayers.  I pray that God lead our family and keep us mindful of His will.  I pray that we remain patient and courageous.  I pray that God protect us and shine His light upon us.  I pray that I maintain gratitude and humility, for the bountiful gifts we continue to receive.

I love each and everyone of you so much.  I pray that you have love and peace in your heart as you live your journey too.  I am glad that we are connected, and a part of one another.

Gratefully yours,


Break On Through to the Other Side


I have made it through the worst of Treatment #2.  There was a slight “delay” in my side effects this time, and I was wishful in thinking that I would just bypass them.  No such luck.  It is strange to me that such quirky phenoms can occur specific to certain medications, and multiple people have the same side effects.  A weird voodoo this chemo is!

Today, Gordon, Emma Kate and George have left to join Aunt Donna for an adventure to the Magic Kingdom!!!  Aunt Donna is our beloved hostess with the mostest, a hands down winner for Aunt of the Year award (Sorry Missy and Cecelia).   Donna has taken all of her nieces and nephews on this magical journey, and now it is time for the next two in line. They are SO excited!!! (adults as well as kids).  They will have four days of a fun filled menagerie before returning to the homestead.  I can’t wait for the pics.

Clayton?  Well we have opted to delay his trip to Disney.  Give it a few years and maybe a solo trip will better serve “King” Clayton.  For his fall break, I have in store an array of “mini” adventures, to include sleeping in a of Clayton’s all time favorites.  He will have fun too!

Thanks again to all of you for pulling me through with prayers, thoughts, cards, food, calls, visits, etc.  I could NOT do it without you!  I know I say it a lot, but I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH !!!!!  I continue to coast in a weakened condition trying to follow the routine of my “physical” reality versus my “mental” reality.  I greatly appreciate your showing up to lend a hand; it helps keep me from trying to do too much.

Some of  you have referenced my Bible verses that I have selected for my journal entries.  God is great.  God is awesome.  God is my everything.  So, I hope not to dishearten you by leading with a song title from The Doors….but this really is a trip.

Peace Out!


Quick Note

Hi friends.

I was able to get treatment today.  Yea! which means my blood counts were decent.  I will check in next week; this evening I am bathing in the calm before “the storm of feeling ill.”

…But I have calmed and quieted myself, I am like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child I am content.          Psalm 131:2

I am loved and blessed.  I have family and friends who take good care of me.  I am so fortunate to be in this place and time.

Love to all and talk to you soon.