Wow.  Everything is happening so fast.  Clayton, Emma Kate and I just finished Theater Camp and I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it was.  Clayton did awesome, performing with his “new” friends.

Jack and I leave today on our trip to JH (thanks to my most awesome sister in law Cecilia, and all of you who assisted with donations).  I feel like it is not even real.  It is a dream come true.  This trip has been planned for a long time, far before our house sold. We are SO excited, but our being gone for a whole week does add to the “hecticness” of moving. Our return flight arrives @ 8am Monday the 17th. (Gotta love the “red eye” travel).  Gordon leaves that same morning out of town.  THE MOVING TRUCK COMES THE 19th! (Not the best schedule, but movers are busy in the summer).

Ok so I am venting, well dumping…..

Many of you have come forward offering to help me move.  I have a specific request.  If any of you are available to help pack up “what’s left” and help supervise children Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday….let me know.  I could really use the help…not as if you probably don’t have your own “craziness” going on this summer.  Summers tend to be a little busy anyway.

Ok, nuf said.  Love you, love you. Talk to you when I get back.


Brief Update

Hi guys.

  • I will not get a scan this Friday. It is rescheduled for Friday June 21.
  • We did get the house in Nolensville!! Yea!!! We have to be out of this house on June 21.
  • I have not found anyone to adopt my kitty Shadow.  Please put out your “reachers” and “feelers.”  Your help is GREATLY appreciated.  I really do not want Shadow to go to a rescue shelter.  I would love for her to go to a loving home.  She is such a sweet cat.
  • Packing is packing, one box at a time.  Thanks Sally, Caroline, Kate, and Keira.
  • Love  you guys.  I am leaving soon with Jack to CA.  Catch up to you when I get back.

xoxox Peri