Getting Closer

Happy New Year!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, enjoying time with friends and family.  I know that I sure did.  It was a true blessing to be feeling well, and to have Gordon home for such an extended period of time.  I miss him so when he is away.

We had the pleasure of visiting with my mom, and my brother Bill and his family, Cecilia, Emily and Juliet.  This was great, for in my opinion we do not see enough of each other.  We were all able to get together at the “Thomas” house for Christmas day, and Saralene blessed us with her holiday feast.  We were showered with gifts and the blessing of home.  It is a warm and cozy place to be.  Over the holidays our friend, Jamie Rouse stopped by with his beautiful children Allie and Thomas, and all played with cars, jumped on the trampoline, ate lunch…..good kid times.  And finally, the Lehfeldts stopped in and spent the night before the girls’, Hannah Beth and Grace, swim meet.  Johanna brought yummy soup and salad for dinner, and Conrad washed the dishes.  What a treat to visit, laugh and reminisce with great friends – and be “waited on.”

Well, I must share the good news.  I had a CT scan yesterday and it revealed that the treatments are working..and that the cancer is shrinking.  Dr. Tillmanns reports that he is pleased with my progress.  I also had a treatment yesterday, and I will have just one more and repeat a scan.  If fortunate enough to receive a “ned status”…I will be released from treatment and return to monitoring….thus a scan in three months.  YYYYEEEEAAAAAAA!  This is such good news to me.  I can’t wait to be free from the burden of this medicine.  I am very grateful that it works, and I would prefer NOT to have to take it anymore :) .

Kisses and hugs to everyone who is with me through this trial.  It is tough sometimes and I could not do it alone.  Let me know about your holidays and what’s new with you.

Overflowing with gratitude….