Hi Friends!!!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Valentime’s Day!!!

Where have I been?

I am here to tell you that no news is good news.  In my improved health, I have taken on more “jobs” than I know what to do with!!!  This is good for me.  Yes it is challenging and sometimes seems insurmountable…but one day at a time folks.  Right?  In my world, NOTHING is forever.  My lesson is that each moment counts.  I wake each day saying “Today is a gift.  Thank you God. May I live as you would want me to, and do the best that I can.”….except when I get too busy and ahead of myself.  Then I forget God :( .  But soon I regroup, and get back on track in a day or so.  Life is good, and God is good.

As for my health.  I have three more rounds of chemo.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!  I will finish up in mid April, and then go to 3 month exams, blood markers, scans, etc. to monitor my NO cancer!  I am so blessed and hope I can stay cancer free for years to come.

My dream.  To work with children with disabilities.  I was recently able to gain my re-certification in therapeutic recreation.  Yes!  I passed the exam! I will just put this out there, not to jinx my chances.  I want to work at Madonna Learning Center.  It is the school where my son Clayton attends.  I was recently given the opportunity to volunteer for a week working with Group 1 (the young children).  I had the time of my life.  I was so fulfilled, and hope that my service was helpful.  Please pray for me to find work that is well suited for talents, and matches my time availability.  And if Madonna is where this is possible, please pray that this works for me!!

I am attaching some new recent pics.  We celebrated 3 birthdays in February.  Mine (48yo) and Clayton’s (9yo) was on Feb 4, and Emma Kate’s (7yo) is coming up on the 23rd!

Also, my sweet friends the Weavers came to visit over the holidays.  They were back in the states from India, and it was a dream come true to be able to see them.

Hope all of you are well, and as always.  Thanks for your love and prayers.

Thanks to Patty M, and Janet Z, and Jawanda M, who keep seeking me out, and reminding me that I need to check in.  I love you all.