1/27/14 – Angels Are All Around Her

7 hours ago

I know many of you are calling and trying to get messages to Peri. I have turned her phone off for the moment. She is not able to get to those now. I’m sitting by her side letting her know how so many of you are still staying in touch with her. She can feel each of you as your thoughts and prayers are wafting through the air.

I am sitting here still trying to understand all of this.  Sitting here trying to come up with the answer of, WHY???  I am sitting here in a numbness of disbelief.

Then, out of nowhere, my 8 year old Emma Kate sits with me and tells me that it’s ok to cry.  Not to hold it in because it actually feels good.  She tells me that God had a good idea to put each of us together as a family.  Because she knows we will help each other always.  My God!  She is brilliant!  I will forever be amazed at how incredible all of our children are.  Peri and I made a pretty damn good team.

I am sitting here telling Peri to let those Angels wrap her in their wings and carry her with them on the rest of her journey.  I am telling her that it is time to let it go and go with them.  She looked at me and said, “it’s time to go….”, and I told her to please go ahead and go.  Yes, it’s time!

However, this is Peri Thomas that I am talking about.  True to form, she is still fighting.  She has little fight left though.

I will stay in touch as things develop.  Thanks to each of you.  I am forever indebted!

Emma Kate is right,  it does feel better to cry….

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