How You Can Help

HandsThe most valuable thing you can offer Peri is your friendship- simply being present can be an extraordinary gift and provide Peri new found comfort. Prayers are greatly welcomed and sharing your prayers with Peri and her family is helping them get through this distressing time.

It’s no surprise of the financial devastation cancer brings to any family. When family members are bedside, the impact of lost wages combined with new medical bills and household finances can become overwhelming. As Peri has progressed into stage 4, she is no longer able to drive, do daily domestic chores like laundry, cooking, lawn work and cleaning and she struggles with energy and helping her children with daily needs. Through the generosity of family and friends, we hope to provide funding for the Thomas’s new nanny. Please consider donating any amount as your support is immensely appreciated. Two ways to support Peri, donate through PayPal or mail your check in.

On behalf of Peri and her extended family, we thank you for your support. The love has been overflowing for the Thomas family and I promise, every kind word, deed and casserole has made a HUGE difference. Please keep the love and the prayers comingĀ .

One thought on “How You Can Help

  1. Dear Family

    I knew Peri years ago, she had just met Gordon. She was always an amazing, strong and motivated woman, doing good all around her.

    Your family is beautiful and you will all be in my prayers for a long time. I am so saddened for your loss and comforted by the fact that she obviously was surrounded by a very loving family. I am sure she will be watching and blessing you and you move forward.

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